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Lakshmi Rampersad (Lutchmie)

Lakshmi Rampersad was born to Lal Rampersad and Sonia Rampersad of Port of Spain, Trinidad. Sometime later they moved to Barataria. Lakshmi was the only daughter amongst six sons. Her father was the leader of the Sitara Hind Orchestra and all of her brothers were members of the Orchestra. She started singing bhajans and kirtan at the age of 15. Her father recognised the talent in this young lady and decided to make her a member of the band as a female vocalist. She started singing Meera Bhajans and many other Film songs at that time. She was well-known for her renditions of Meera Bhajans sang by the late great Juthika Roy. In 1965 the West Indian Ladies Singing Competition was held at the prestigious Globe Cinema in Port of Spain where amongst some of the leading ladies in Trinidad Lakshmi emerged the champion. Included in the first prize was a trip to India. She gained tremendous popularity after emerging victorious in this competition. She was highlighted on a regular basis on the airwaves by Moean Mohammed, Pat Mathura, Farzan Ali and Sham Mohammed. She has done a number of recordings at these Radio Programmes, coming from Radio Trinidad. Lakshmi was the Queen of the Airwaves at that time. In 1973 she entered the popular Mastana Bahar Competition where she reached the Grand Finals and amongst a very talented group of finalists she emerged the Winner. She got married at the very young age of 19, after which she continued singing with the Band. Lakshmi is now a freelance singer and an International Artiste, where she continues to mesmerize her audiences both at home and abroad with her very charming and captivating voice. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2021).


Lal Rampersad & Lakshmi Rampersad

Lakshmi Rampersad - Wins Mastana Bahar

Lakshmi Rampersad (Vocal) & Sham Rampersad (Harmonium)


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