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Janet Naipaul

Janet Naipaul, one of the most well-loved and accomplished dancers in North America, was born in Kelly Village, Trinidad, West Indies. She studied the art of dance from a very young age. She migrated to Canada as a young child. Janet did her first performance in Toronto at the age of six and ever since loved the stage. Through the Bharatiya Vidya Sansthan (BVS) in Canada led by Prof. H.S. Adesh, Janet Naipaul won a scholarship to study Dance for two years, at one of the Leading Dance Academy in Delhi, India. She learned Bharat Natyam and Odissi from Guru Asha Gupta. Back in Canada she learned Khatak from Guru Rina Singha and Odissi from Guru Chitralekha Patnaik. Her parents Dee Dee and Rudy are a pillar of strength that stand by her side for constant support. In 1984 she was the 2nd prize winner in the Grand Finals of Mastana Bahar in Trinidad. From a very young age she has been teaching the art of dance. As a result of her passionate devotion to dance, today she has a very successful school, Janet Naipaul School of Dance, where she teaches Bharat Natyam, Khatak and Odissi. She also incorporates Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern Ballet in the modern style of today's dance. Many of her students are from the East Indian and Pakistani community. Janet is a full-time dancer and teacher. Dance is her very life's breath. She dances within the East Indian, Pakistani and West Indian Communities. Janet does a lot of charity shows for many of the Mandirs and other projects in Toronto. Her son Raja is a treasure and represents a strong supporter. Her husband, Todd Campbell is a wonderful and loving partner who is extremely religious and also quite supportive of Janet's love for the art of dance. Janet Naipaul's name is synonymous with dance, her strict discipline and arduous practice has made her one of the top dancers and tutors in Toronto today. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2021).


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