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Devindra Pooran

Having started singing at a very tender age and then mastering songs which emulated the late great and mighty Mukesh - is one of the main reasons why Devindra Pooran is regarded as a musical icon. When on stage his vocal capability could surpass any other artist since his intonation has the emittance that could blow away millions. This multi-talented musician breathes music, that's what makes him so superb. He rose to stardom with his masterful imitation of Mukesh's singing voice that won him many awards in Guyana including "Melody King" and subsequently he earned successes in Suriname, Holland, US, Canada, England and wherever Guyanese and PIO's have migrated. Accomplishments are too numerous to mention, not side-stepping the lingering charm left in concerts and stage performances worldwide. His is an impressive accolade and fans have shown their respect and appreciation for someone who can flawlessly satiate the musical thirst of music lovers worldwide. Combined with his unsurpassable vocal capability, he is also blessed with the ability to play several musical instruments, yet another side of Devindra that many do not know. He appeared at the Bollywood Awards in Atlantic City in 2005 to the standing ovation of thousands and has recently returned from India where he was greeted with open arms by news reporters and lovers of Mukesh alike. So spellbinding was his performance that he was awarded by Bollywood's film maker Suresh Bokadia and legendary musical director Ravi. All Guyana is eternally grateful for the patriotic magnificence this son has brought unto them for he can be proudly categorized as a "Musical Ambassador" of the land that gave him birth. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023).


Devindra Pooran - 1

Devindra Pooran - 2

Devindra Pooran - 3

Devindra Pooran - 4

Devindra Pooran - 5

Devindra Pooran - 6

Walter Persaud - Deviindra Pooran & Noel Campbell

Devindra Pooran Visons Of Mukesh

Hai Apana Dil - Devindra Pooran

Harold Boodoo, Devindra Pooran & Bobby Armoogam

Harold Boodoo & Devindra Pooran

Kamal Dandona & Devindra Pooran

Karamchand Maharaj - Bhaskar Sharma & Devindra Pooran

Karamchand Maharaj & Devindra Pooran

Manga Tha Pyar - Devindra Pooran

Ramesh Kallicharan, Seeta Pooran Panday & Devindra Pooran

Seeta Pooran Panday - Rohit Jagesar & Devindra Pooran

Treasures Of Mukesh By Devindra Pooran


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