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Bywah Bhola

Bywah Bhola a.k.a. our local C.H. Atma was born on the 20th August 1924 in Tulsa Trace, Penal Trinidad West Indies to Mungarie and Bhola. At the tender age of 7yrs this family moved to a nearby village called La Fortune, Woodland. As a young man he later moved to La Fortune, La Romain, this humble young man grew up in the heart of the sugar cane belt and worked for Caroni Limited at the La Fortune Estate until retirement. C.H. Atma being his Idol he learnt most of his bhajans, geets and ghazals from the 78 Rpm and started singing them at the bars, farewell and stage shows. Bywah was then invited to join the Naijawan Orchestra, where he stayed for many years, anywhere and anytime he sang his fans will swear it is the real C.H. Atma Singing. His deep voice was so similar he had no formal training it was just raw talent. Bywah performed on many stages in Trinidad, Jamaica, Suriname and Canada. Jan. 30 2007 was a very sad day when this Icon left us; he is sadly missed by all his fans. We have added an Audio Sample of the voice of this Great Artiste for the listening pleasure of the many fans of Bywah Bhola across the globe, taken from our library. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Bywah Bhola - Photo 1

Bywah Bhola - Photo 2

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Bywah Bhola - Preetam Aan Milo


Shyam Bhaye Sakhi (Sample)

Aaya Tha Kis Kaam (Sample)

Tujh Bin Sooni (Sample)