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Pandit Parasram Maharaj

Pandit Parasram was born in Avocat in 1917 to Pandit Jadoonath, who had come from Soorangpur, Bihar in 1909 and Goomtee, the daughter of Chanda Maharaj. He served the community as a Pandit for 72 years from 1932 to 2004, the year when he gave up his mortal body. Thousands came to pay tribute on his passing, testimony to his caring and dedication to his family and the thousands whose lives he touched. He embraced all and listened with compassion and offered solutions to the myriad problems that people faced. Panditji gave his all to his children and grand children, always encouraging and helping them to improve themselves through constant striving for excellence.

When he was still a boy he moved with his family to Exchange where he worked in the fields but always remained focused on his goal of service. He learned Panditai from his Diksha Guru, Pandit Lakshmi and later from a number of distinguished Pandits, including his father in law, Pandit Omkar and Pandit Jankie Persad Sharma, who was Dharmacharya until his death. He married Sursattee, the beautiful younger daughter of Pandit Omkar and Basmat, in 1932, the same year that he formally started Panditai. They had six sons and two daughters, to whom they were deeply devoted giving support, love and guidance. Three sons, Samsundar (deceased), Ramsundar and Rampersad also became Pandits.

 In 1952, Panditji became a founding member of the first Pandit's Parishad of the Maha Sabha and continued to teach Hindi, Bhajans and Kirtans to children and young adults at his home in Mc Bean Road, Couva. He was one of the prime movers behind the Mc Bean Hindu School, which opened in 1955 with Panditji as the school’s first manager.

His faith was unshakeable and was guided by a quote from his favourite book, ÅšrÄ« Rāmcāritamanas,’Hoieehai Wahi Jo Ram Rachi Rakha..” - that the will of God is supreme.

Pandit Parasram was a humble man who never received national awards. However his lifetime of service to his community endeared him to all. Today, the Pandit Parasram School of Hinduism, is a monument to his lifetime of dedicated service to the Hindu community. It is an institution dedicated to his ideals of teaching and propagating Hinduism and is today engaged in training Pandits to carry on the tradition to which he dedicated his entire life. For the listening pleasure of all who were blessed to have been touched by this very great soul we have added Audio Samples of his voice.

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Pandit Parasram Maharaj (wearing the white Gandhi cap) & Other Pandits

Pandit Parasram & Sursattee Parasram

Pandit Parasram Maharaj (wearing white Gandhi cap) & His children

Pandit Parasram Maharaj - 1

Pandit Parasram Maharaj - 2

Pandit Parasram Maharaj - 3


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Mangalam By Baba Ji.

Slokas By Baba