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Added On : 2013-07-21

Train the mind to follow the Lord's plan to establish Dharma in the world. What can you plan with your paltry intelligence?

There was a man who often laughed at God for making the towering banyan tree grow tiny berry-like fruit and giving the ash-gourd on the creeper a big size. God has no sense of proportion, he would say.

However, one afternoon, while on his way to a neighbouring village, he relaxed under the shade of a banyan tree; and fell asleep. When he woke up after an hour, he saw a large quantitiy of fruits that had fallen on his body. He at once realised that if only the banyan tree had fruits in proportion to its size, even a single fruit falling from that height would have put an end to his life. Yet, the banyan tree gives shelter and shade to men and beasts alike. "That is why God in His wisdom must have made its fruits so tiny". He said to himself. He thanked God profusely for his sense of logic and resumed his journey.

Chinna Katha Vol. 2


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