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Added On : 2013-01-10

Once a man in Ochre Robes stood before a house and cried out, "Bhiksham Dehi" (I beg for alms). The lady of the house came out and saw the man. She told him, "Son! Go to the backyard. There is a well there. Take your bath and do japa. In the meanwhile, I shall get the lunch ready."

The man replied," Mother! I need not bathe or do japa, because I continuously recite the name of Govinda. Have you not heard the verse, "Govindethi Sadaa Snanam" (Continuous chant of Govinda's name is verily a bath) and "Govindeti Sada Japam." (Continuous chanting of Govinda's name is Japa). So you can straight away serve me food.

The lady at once knew that the man was not a true Sanyasi and that he was too lazy even to take a bath.She wanted to teach him a lesson and remove the veil of his conceit. She said," Is that so, my son? In that case, you can appease your hunger also by eating the sweet rice of Govinda Nama." Thus the beggar in the guise of a Sanyasi was humbled and brought to his senses by the Shrewd lady.

It is difficult to maintain a false stand for long in spiritual matters. Sooner or later, the truth reveals itself and the false stands exposed.


Chinna Katha Vol. 2


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