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Added On : 2013-01-10

Bhakti is no worldly desires. The moment Bhakti dawns all desires disappear. The devotee does not expect any reward from God. He loves Him for love’s sake.

Devotion to the Lord is not certainly for one’s own gain. The basis of Bhakti is self-restraint. Renunciation is the very essence of devotional love. Divine love has no element of desire in it.

Bhakti is not led by desires, for it finds expression in the inhibition of all desires. The inhibition of all desires is not a total annihilation or extinction of all activities.

Devotion cannot co-exist with desire of any kind, not even the desire for liberation. The devotee wants God and God alone and His service. He does not accept even when offered the five forms of Mukti.


From: Narad Bhakti Sutra - Commentary By: Swami Sivananda


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